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Most of your potential customers aren’t going to search for your brand specifically. Instead, they’re going to search for the product or service you sell. If your site ranks on the first page of the search results, you’ll typically see a pretty big and consistent increase in traffic which converts.

What Are SEO Backlinks?

Search engines look at a lot of site factors when determining rank positions. One major factor they consider is authority. Do people in your industry see your brand as competent, reputable and knowledgeable?

One of the best ways to signal authority is when another site links to yours. Of course, you don’t want links from just any sites. You want to connect with sites which search engines already like.

That’s link building. You want high quality, high ranking sites to link to pages on your site. A popular online magazine could give your product a great review, and link directly to the product page on your site. An industry expert could link to your blog post.

Anything like that will increase your authority, which helps increase your position in the search results. So, how do we build links for your site?

Link building involves both technical issues and good old fashioned marketing.

How Do You Get More Backlinks To Your Website?

First, we’ll identify what are called “industry influencers.” These are people or organization in your industry which have a lot of credibility among your potential customers. For instance, popular bloggers, reviewers and even more mainstream media are often industry influencers.

After we identify these influencers, we’ll see what kind of content they might like. Some bloggers will publish guest content. Reviewers might respond to a free product.

The main idea is to identify the type content which has value for each industry influencer, and then use that content to develop a professional relationship.

Great content is key here. Blogs should be well-researched and informative. The hard sell approach doesn’t work. Content needs to really meet the needs of the influencer.

Sometimes the best links aren’t so obvious. While page ranking is an important metric, it’s not the only one we’ll look at. A smaller site with a more devoted user base can often generate a lot of leads.

Casting too wide a net doesn’t tend to get the best results. In order to narrow in on the best leads, we’ll take a look at your customer base.

Using Google Analytics and other tools, we’ll be able to learn quite a bit about who buys from you. We can use this demographic info to then find other places online where similar people frequent. Then we direct digital marketing and link building efforts towards this concentration of highly interested potential customers.

Building quality links is a pretty time intensive process, but we’re here to help with link building in Sydney. Contact us today to learn more about how we can build high quality for your business. You can see a long-term, consistent increase in brand awareness, leads and sales.

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