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Optimising a website for success involves a lot of different strategies, some simple and others quite complex. Behind just about every one of those strategies is content. Without great content, your site simply won’t succeed.

So, what kind of content does your site need? Let’s take a look at how we can help:

First, your site will need the basics. When someone lands on your page, they should instantly understand who you and what you sell.

There’s a funny thing about the internet. You can never quite predict how someone will find you online. So every page on your site should have some basic brand info.

Most business websites will have similar types of content. This will include pages describing the products/services, pages about the people behind the brand and other general information.

This content will need to include specific keywords. Using Google Analytics and other tools, we’ll identify which keywords to include within your written content. These terms signal to search engines how your site should be categorised. The content on your website will generally stay pretty static.

Your site will also need a fairly constant supply of fresh content. For most sites, the best option will a blog.

Regular blog posts about your industry help establish your brand as an authority. No matter what product or service you sell, we’ll be able to create blog posts to engage with your potential customers.

People tend to seek out information before a purchase. Blogging is a way to position your brand as an expert in your field. Blog posts which answer common questions about your industry are usually very effective.

We’ll analyse popular trends and keywords in your industry. This provides a guide for what your customer base is thinking about. Then we’ll create a variety of written material tailored to those topics.

Search engines prefer sites which are active. We’ll work with you to determine a publishing schedule which suits your audience and your needs. Most brands will benefit from a fairly robust content creation schedule of at least two new posts a week.

There are a variety of ways older content can be freshened up. We use a few techniques here including turning blogs into videos, updating older guides with new info and more. This is a quick, inexpensive way to develop even more content for your audience.

Not all created content needs to be published on your site. Guest blogging is a great way to reach a whole new audience. We’ll identify influential bloggers in your industry and explore opportunities to create content for their site. The guest blog connects back to your site, which helps generate motivated leads.

We’re Sydney’s content writing specialists. We’re able to create content which fully integrates into your overall digital marketing campaign and site structure. Contact us today to learn more about how content writing can help your business.

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