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AdWords Case Study
ABL TIle & Bathroom Centre

The Challenge

ABL Tile & Bathroom Centre had been through multiple agencies before turning to Local Digital. The target revenue and ROI figures for their AdWords campaign had not yet been achieved by the previous agencies. Local Digital’s brief was simple – hit these targets!

The Solution

Local Digital re-built the AdWords account from the ground up, with a focus on proven performers in terms of brands and categories. The Google shopping campaign was a priority and was started again from scratch. Finally, time of day and day of week bidding was implemented to minimise waste.


The Results


Increase in Revenue


Increase in ROI


Increase in Sales

Happy Client

AdWords Traffic grew 128% with an unchanged budget.

This was done by reducing the cost-per-click by 63%! How did we achieve this?

Smarter Budget Allocation

Local Digital shifted budget towards Google Shopping campaigns where the CPC was lower and the Conversion Rate higher.

Better Bid & Keyword Management

Local Digital pro-actively optimised the account. We reduced bids on under-performing keywords and paused keywords with a high CPC and no conversions.

Revised Ad Copy

New copy, targeted towards the individual user query was created. This helped boost clicks, improve keyword quality scores and reduce CPC.

Account restructure saw Conversion Rate increase by 32%.

So how did we do it?

Extensive Search Query Reporting

Search queries driving sales, but not included in the current keyword list were added to the account. Irrelevant terms wasting budget were added in as negatives.

Better Keyword Grouping

Keywords with similar themes were put into tightly knit ad groups to ensure ad copy messaging was more relevant to user queries.

New Campaign Creation

Keywords that were proven performers were moved to a new ‘high-converting campaign’. This enabled us to allocate them the most budget and a more aggressive bid strategy.
Amazing, awesome, brilliant, thankful – this doesn’t even begin to describe how we feel about the work Local Digital has done on our campaigns. They took us from worrying about where the revenue was going to come from, to smashing our targets for the end of the year. Thanks again guys! Tanya Davis

eSales Manager, ABL Tile & Bathroom Centre

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