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Forget about middle men, account managers, and sales reps who fill your head with bloated promises then disappear. When you turn to LocalDigital SEO Sydney, you work directly with real consultants in Sydney who actually do SEO ourselves. Get in touch. We’re happy to meet you at your office or ours.


We understand locking into a long-term contract can be scary – especially if you’ve been burned in the past. That’s why we’ll never ask you to sign a contract. Instead, we work on a month-to-month basis because we’re that confident our results will keep you coming back.


Our SEO specialists have worked on search marketing campaigns with clients like Colgate, Netgear, and ActronAir. Have peace of mind knowing you’re getting the experience and execution of a large-scale agency, with the service and communication of a trusted consultant.

Grow Leads & Sales with Custom SEO Strategies

Is Your Business Invisible Online?

Australians spent over $20 billion online in just 12 months. They also spend 10 hours a day on Internet connected devices. But if your business doesn’t have page one rankings on search engines like Google, it might as well be invisible.

Great companies fail every day simply because consumers can’t find them. Fortunately, we have a simple solution. Let our Google certified local Sydney SEO experts listen to your unique business goals and create a custom plan that includes exactly what you need and nothing more. From ecommerce to tradesmen, we help businesses of all shapes and sizes get higher rankings, increased buyer traffic, and more revenue.

Of course, any SEO Sydney company will promise you more traffic and a strong return on advertising spend, but it’s what we deliver beyond the basics that keeps our clients coming back every single month…

Finally! Local Search Marketers You Can Rely On.

Frustrated with sales reps always making promises they can’t deliver? Fed up with poor support from agencies who outsource your job to some bloke in Bangladesh? Or maybe you’re just curious about what SEO could do for your business, but you don’t know where to start or who turn to for help…

If so, LocalDigital SEO Sydney will be a breath of fresh air.

We’re local tech heads on a mission to bring our big-agency experience to small to medium-sized enterprises that are sick of being treated like a number. Here at LD SEO Sydney, you’ll find personalised support and unrivalled communication. As ex-consultants to big-name brands such as Ebay, iiNet, Suncorp, David Jones, and Woolworths, we can offer all the high-level strategy and SEO know-how you need to grow and scale your dream business –for a fraction of the cost. Get in touch with LD SEO Sydney today to see how we can help grow your business online.

Our Clients

“I would not hesitate to recommend Local Digital to anyone that is looking for an online marketing company that is easy to work with and genuinely cares about getting the best result for you.”

Bellinda Sullivan

Flavours Catering

Our SEO Services

Building a great website full of informative or interesting content is only half the battle in today’s world. If the major search engines aren’t picking up your site and driving traffic towards it, what’s the point? Optimising your site is the best way to increase visitors and continue to grow. Here at LD SEO Sydney, we know exactly what Google likes and doesn’t like – and this comes through decades of combined experience working across multiple multinational agencies and working with global clients. To put it simple… we know how to get you to the top of Google.

Onsite Optimisation

SEO is always changing, and your site has to keep up with new rules in order to compete. The fastest way to stay competitive is to optimise the site content you already have. At Local Digital, we’ll comb through your entire web page and make sure everything is up to current standards so new visitors can find and use your website with ease.


Our staff at LD SEO Sydney know what search engines look for. We’ll check your site’s speed and overall performance to make sure that the browsing experience is everything a visitor could hope for. If it’s too slow, our team will help improve it. We’ll check the existing links and make sure each one takes visitors to the right page, not some Error 404 message. We’ll even take care of the keyword research to help market your site to a broad audience.

Great SEO helps your site move up in rankings and allows visitors to locate your services more easily, but more importantly, it helps search engines find your site in the first place. With proper mapping, keyword optimisation, and the right personal touch from the premier SEO agency in Sydney, your site will draw and keep visitors, leading to more sales and more profit for your business.


Link Building

Nothing builds credibility on the web like having another site link to your blog or individual pages. It shows that others recognise you as an authority. Traditionally, link building takes time. You must network with other businesses, program the links on your site, and make sure the formatting is perfect. Rather than handling it yourself, let Local Digital SEO Sydney, the best SEO agency in Sydney, do the hard work for you.


Our expert outreach team manually identifies and selects the right sites to link with. There’s no need to worry about linking to a competitor’s web page. Our team thoroughly vets each site and only selects the right ones for your business.

The best link building happens when there’s great content to link to, and as a business owner, you have better things to do with your time. Local Digital will create high-quality content to add to each linked page. The better the content, the more likely your business is to be considered an authority.

We want other companies to mention your business name and location with pride! Not only will this boost consumer awareness of your product, but it naturally boosts your search engine rankings! The goal of any business should be to become a household name, and citation building through high-quality backlinks on other websites will bring you one step closer to that goal.


Content Writing
Content is king, and if your website lacks great content, Google won’t know what your business is really about! Writing fresh content means more than just changing around a few words on the page. It needs to be interesting, captivate readers, and encourage them to explore your business more. With help from Local Digital’s online marketing services, your website will feature high-quality, interesting content designed to drive traffic and boost conversions.


Web page content should describe what your business offers clients, the locations you service, and provide all the relevant information in a unique and completely original form. Copied content gets you nowhere, and may even harm your reputation. Updating old content to fit the trends and topics of the time will help boost readership and encourage visitors to learn more. If you have ideas on what you’d like written, let us know! We’re here to help!

Whether you’ve expanded your services and need an experienced writer to explain what you offer or are looking to establish an industry-leading blog, our team of content writers has you covered. We’ll work with you to develop new topics, stories, and events to cover so you can enjoy the perks of an increased readership and boost awareness of your brand. Go on, give our copywriting and content writing services a go. You won’t regret it.

Local SEO
Great SEO techniques boost your site’s rankings across the board, but unless you’re bringing in local traffic and local clients, your business can’t grow at the rate you want. At Local Digital, we want to be your trusted SEO company in Sydney. We understand the importance of reaching out to your local consumer base, and we have the right techniques to get your name out there.

Stay ahead of your competition and keep your local reputation growing with updated local listings. People search the internet daily for businesses near them, and the more your local SEO strategy is dialed in, the more easily they’ll find your services. The stronger your local reputation, the more qualified local leads you’ll get—reduce the number of calls you get outside your service area with a solid local SEO strategy.

Our team know the best places to develop local listings and encourage rapid growth of your local reputation. We’ll help combine consumer reviews with your local listings to boost your reputation in your service area, increasing traffic and boosting conversions. Growing your business with an emphasis on local services is the easiest way to see an increase in performance and get the most for your money.

SEO Packages
Our Sydney SEO services can be applied to your site piecemeal, giving you the ultimate in flexibility and options, but to get the most impact, an SEO package is the best option. Our team will work with you to determine the best options and services for your business. Each package is custom tailored to your business’s unique needs.

Already have a fantastic content writer, but need some help creating a solid local reputation, Local Digital’s marketing experts can help. Already have an ad specialist on staff? That’s fine! We’ll work with your current strategy to make it more effective. No matter what your current reputation is like, our SEO packages will help you elevate your company’s reputation and boost your local impact to get you the right leads consistently.

Working with a limited budget may seem like a challenge for other Sydney-based marketing firms, but Local Digital believes everyone can benefit from a good SEO strategy. Since each package is tailored to your business, our strategists will work within your budget to make the most of each service. SEO is no longer reserved for large corporations. We make it accessible to businesses of all sizes with convenient, customizable SEO packages.

SEO Consulting

Want to understand the impact your site’s SEO practices have on your business but don’t have the right tools and analytics knowledge to put the information together? Our SEO consultants in Sydney are here to help. With years of experience and training, they’re always up to date on the latest changes in Google’s algorithm, so they can help your business reach new heights.


We’re a small firm with big agency experience, so your business will get the same industry-leading expertise major corporations have come to rely on without destroying your budget. Whether you’re a mom and pop operation or running a nationwide franchise, our SEO consultants will help you understand precisely where you need to improve, what your site is doing right, and create a strategy to help you grow your client base.

Our monthly reports are tailored directly to your business’s needs and can be customized on a monthly basis to fit your growing and changing strategies. Each consultant will work with you to help you understand the best move to increase your brand recognition. At Local Digital, we believe that strategies should change and grow with your company and through monthly audits and analysis, our consultants will help you craft an up-to-date marketing plan that works.

Now that you’ve seen everything SEO services can do for you and your site, what are you waiting for? You owe it to yourself and all of the hard work you’ve put into your site to really make it shine as brightly as possible and we’re the ones who can help you get there.


Mmmmm... some tasty SEO results.

  • 34 x target keywords in 1st position in Google
  • 78% increase in SEO traffic year-on-year
  • 69% increase in leads generate via SEO

We were engaged by Flavours Catering to improve their organic traffic results, after results with their previous agency had plateaued. Our team performed a range of onsite optimisation, content creation and content outreach/promotion work, which lead to significant visibility in the Google search results.

Really cool results...

  • 81% decrease in cost per lead year-on-year
  • 150% increase in leads generated
  • 52% decrease in AdWords media costs

Local Digital took over the digital marketing for Australian air conditioning manufacturer ActronAir as they launched a multi-million dollar above the line advertising campaign. Our results to date have been a drastic improvement on what the previous agency achieved with more leads generated at a substantially lower cost.

Driving results for Acorn Rentals online

  • Local Digital designed a new conversion focused website
  • 34% increase in car rental applications
  • 208% increase in SEO traffic year on year
  • Social media management across all social channels

Acorn Rentals are Australia’s leading supplier of courtesy cars to people that have been involved in an accident. This 25 year old company has offices in every capital city and have turned to digital marketing with Local Digital to increase their user base Australia-wide.

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